Separate Graves


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released July 23, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios in Tucson AZ.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege



all rights reserved


DRIFTER Albuquerque, New Mexico


Blake, Nathan, Zach, Brett

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Track Name: Strata
Somewhere out there where the rock upheaves the soil in oh, so handsome strata, red and pale pages for you to flip through and forget in time with me out there.

Blur across state lines that ever separated me from you. I'll pull out every rib that says our hearts can't beat as one. Will you remember me? Just wear me like your sunburnt rosary, keep me close over your skin. And I'm trying to hold myself together but my patience is growing thin. Those rainy nights that I took those steps back to your front door have changed to days scorching the rocks in a desert that bears your weight no more.

Although they say life will find a way you are dying out. Die out. I will now wait for the river to reclaim what rightfully belongs to it in its depths. Do not tell me how you feel weak when I would stop breathing to better hear you speak. I would stop breathing.
Track Name: Nights
How many nights do I have to spend staring down that same stupid grin? Or should I list the ways you destroy me, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Where there was once a life now a hollow ribcage bares its soul as you let me go.

Hand in your bedroom eyes. You're going to need them at your bedside. Drink down your guilt laced with pride. Feel the choke as it makes its way inside.

Oh how I loathe the way you say, "I really think we're better off this way."

I think that we are better off this way.

Pen to paper, write this down, "In seas of memory, we all drown."
Track Name: Gallows
Oh, it's just like us to hang from the gallows. Never matching each other's rhythm. Never finding unison. In death I am mocked for the things I couldn't be in life.

It's as becoming as the bag over your head. It's as fitting as the noose around my neck.
Track Name: Separate Graves
I'll send us to separate graves. May our only marks be where we lay to rest. You're digging up what should stay buried.

Something is breaking, of this I'm sure. Give me your heart and nothing more.

Some paths weren't meant to walk alone. Days spent searching for some kind of home have left me afraid of death, because I will never know what's waiting behind that door.

Something is breaking, of this I'm sure. Give me your life and nothing more.

I've been trying to say what escaped me to this day:

I always wondered where you'd waste away. I no longer hope it is beside me. Of all the things I have left to say, I'll leave it at "I'm sorry."